Salzburg Arena Messezentrum, Österrike CDI-W

2018-12-05 - 2018-12-09

Internationell dressyr, FEI Dressage World Cup
Svenska ryttare: Patrik Kittel, Antonia Ramel, Charlotte Haid Bondegaard

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Startlistor och resultat

FEI Dressage World Cup, Grand Prix Kür: 1) Benjamin Werndl, Tyskland, Daily Mirror 80,79% 2) Patrik Kittel, Sverige, Delatio 80,01 3) Dorothee Schneider, Tyskland, Faustus 79,73 6) Antonia Ramel, Sverige, Brother de Jeu 77,23 11) Charlotte Haid Bondegaard, Sverige, Robeerto des Frettes 72,01

FEI Dressage World Cup, Grand Prix: 1) Benjamin Werndl, Tyskland, Daily Mirror 74,78 2) Dorothee Schneider, Tyskland, Faustus 74,60 3) Patrik Kittel, Sverige, Delatio 74,60 6) Antonia Ramel, Sverige, Brother de Jeu 69,52

Patrik Kittel WC-tvåa i Salzburg

Patrik Kittel tog en fin andraplats vid söndagens världscupdressyr i Salzburg, Österrike. Med Delatio blev det hela 80,01 procent och precis som igår var det tätt i toppen. Benjamin Werndl, Tyskland, vann på 80,79 procent.

Samma trio som igår stod på prispallen men Patrik och Dorothee Schneider, Tyskland bytte plats.
- Det kändes jättebra och vi hade inga direkta missar, säger Patrik som ridt Delatio ungefär 3 månader.
- Han är 14 år och kom till mig för försäljning så han är till salu, konstaterar Patrik.

17 nya världscuppoäng blev det för Patrik.

Nu tar Patrik "jullov" med familjen och bland annat en tripp till Austarlien finns inplanerad.
- Sedan startar jag upp säsongen i Amsterdam i januari med Delauney, säger Patrik.

Antonia Ramel på Brother the Jeu behöll sjätteplatsen med 77,23 procent och Charlotte Haid Bondegaard fick 72,01 procent och avancerade till elfte plats.


Pressinformation från FEI:
Germany’s Benjamin Werndl (34) threw his hat into the ring for a place at the FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final next April when producing a spectacular victory with Daily Mirror at the fifth leg of the 2018/2019 Western European League in Salzburg, Austria today. 

The pair’s performance wasn’t perfect, with a few glitches along the way, but the best bits weren’t just good - they were breathtaking. And with only three riders from each nation allowed into the Final, Werndl is putting intense pressure on his German counterparts for one of those slots after moving to the top of the leaderboard alongside compatriot Dorothee Schneider. 

It was Sweden’s Patrik Kittel (42) who lined up second with Delatio while Schneider slotted into third with Faustus on a day when all of the leading partnerships really stepped it up to another level. Werndl was almost speechless with delight after topping both yesterday’s Grand Prix and today’s Freestyle. 

"This horse is a gift…I’m having an unbelievable trip with him, he’s developed so much over the last few months and I can’t find the right words to describe how much it means to me!"
Benjamin Werndl (GER)

Werndl, whose sister Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, was on the gold medal winning team at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ (WEG) 2018 in September, was already lying second on the league table however following his win in Budapest (HUN) in September and points collected for fifth place at both the WEL opening leg in Herning (DEN) in October and the third leg in Stuttgart (GER) last month. It’s been a strong and steady progression, and it was clear today that there’s a lot more to come from Daily Mirror despite the fact that the gelding son of Damon Hill is 14 years old.

“There’s so much more potential in this horse, and now my job is to find out how to bring it out!” said the rider who was on the German long-list for the WEG. “He had a break of two years before he came to us a couple of years ago, so he still feels a bit like a young horse building up experience, and I really wasn’t expecting him to be so cool in this arena today - he’s just the perfect gentleman!” Werndl added.

He was eleventh to go of the 15 starters, and when his test kicked off with a double-pirouette followed by two-tempi changes and another double-pirouette on the centre line then it was obvious he meant business. Daily Mirror’s ground-eating extended walk earned a 9 from four of the five judges as the daring duo marched to the first over-80% score of 80.790. And then he had to sit back and watch four more formidable contenders.

Australia’s Kristy Oatley and Du Soleil posted 79.330 before Patrik Kittel and his new ride Delatio, which was competed by Great Britain’s Emile Faurie until July of this year and was runner-up for the Swede on their World Cup debut in Lyon last month, put 80.010 on the board to slot into second spot. And that’s where they would remain despite a lovely performance from European and World team gold medallist Schneider and her super-exciting “Grand Prix baby” - the 10-year-old gelding Faustus who scored 79.730 for third place.

Now that he has the FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final 2019 in his sights, Benny Werndl really wants to get there, but he knows the battle for one of the German slots is not yet over. “All the other ladies want to go there too, but at least now I have a good chance, and I’m hoping to get to another qualifier in either Amsterdam (NED) or Neumünster (GER) in the new year” he said.

Patrik Kittel GP-trea i Salzburg

Tre svenska ryttare rider FEI Dressage World Cup i Salzburg. På lördagsförmiddagen slutade Patrik Kittel på tredje plats i GP-klassen, Antonia Ramel tog en finfin sjätteplats. 

Grand Prix-segrare blev tyske Benjamin Werndl som red ihop 74,78 procent. Det var små marginaler på pallen. Patrik red Delatio och fick 74,60 procent, samma som tvåan Dorothee Schneider, Tyskland. Antonia Ramel på Brother de Jeu fick 69,52 procent. Charlotte Haid Bondegaard på Roberto des Frettes slutade på trettonde plats av 15 startande.

Küren startar söndag 11.00, FEI-TV sänder direkt

Svenska startnummer:
2) Charlotte Haid Bondegaard - Roberto des Frettes
10) Antonia Ramel - Brother de Jeu
13) Patrik Kittel - Delatio