FOTO: Mikael Sjöberg

Hjälm på även vid prisutdelning


Svenska tävlingsreglementet i hoppning är tydligt, hjälm ska bäras vid all ridning inom tävlingsområdet. Det innefattar även prisutdelningar, för så väl seniorer som ryttare under 18 år.

Det internationella tävlingsreglementet, dvs FEI:s regler, säger att seniorryttare får ta av sig hjälmen under prisutdelning. Denna regel gäller endast seniorryttare. Alla ryttare under 18 år måste alltid bära hjälm, med hakbandet knäppt, vid ridning inom tävlingsområdet.

TR III Hoppning, Mom 305:2
”Ryttarens utrustning (gäller hela tävlingsområdet)
2.1. Hjälm av godkänd typ med hakbandet i funktion, ska bäras vid all ridning.”

FEI Jumping rules, Art 256.1.4
It is compulsory for all persons to wear a properly fastened protective Headgear with a three point retention harness at all times when mounted. If an Athlete chooses to remove his Headgear at any time, whether permitted or not by these rules, such removal shall always be entirely at his own risk. An Athlete who loses his Headgear or whose retention harness becomes unfastened during the course of his round must recover and replace it, or in the case of the retention harness becoming unfastened must refasten it. In such case, the Athlete will not be penalised for halting to retrieve his Headgear and/or refasten the retention harness, but the clock will not be stopped. An Athlete who jumps or attempts to jump an obstacle with a retention harness incorrectly fastened or not fastened will be eliminated unless the circumstances rendered it unsafe for the Athlete to stop immediately in order to refasten the harness (e.g. if the harness becomes unfastened in the middle of a combination or one or two strides before the obstacle in question). As an exception to this rule Senior Athletes may remove their Headgear while accepting prizes, during the playing of the National anthem and any other ceremonial protocol.