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Lövstas dressyrsatsning stöttar miljöprojekt i USA

Lövsta Stuteri har exporterat dressyrkonceptet Lövsta Future Challenge till USA och kombinerat det med en satsning på hållbarhet.

Lövsta Stuteri har arbetat med hållbarhet under flera år, under mottot "Rädda jorden. Det är den enda planeten med hästar". Nu har de kombinerat satsningen med sin unghästserie vid tävlingar i Florida.

För varje anmält ekipage i Lövsta Future Challenge donerar Lövsta 250 dollar och förra året blev det 8 500 dollar till miljöorganisationen Friends of Palm Beach.

Friends of Palm Beach arbetar för att rensa stränderna från skräp, plast och annat onaturliga material. Läs mer om organisationen här

Läs mer om Lövstas hållbarhetsarbete här


Early on, Lövsta Future Challenge decided to focus on other aspects of competition development, including the environment, sustainability, and a deeper respect for horses through their philosophy of horsemanship. The talent tour is about searching for knowledge and reaching for perfection, embracing the joy of partnership between the horse and rider, and leaving a sustainable footprint within the equestrian sport.

In 2020, Lövsta donated a total of $8,500 to Friends of Palm Beach, with $250 for every entry in the series. At this year’s AGDF, Lövsta will do the same by donating $250 for every entry in the Lövsta Future Challenge/Young Horse Grand Prix Series.

“For us at Lövsta Stuteri, sustainability has been a strong driving force,” said Ax:son Johnson. “Our slogan is ‘Save the earth. It’s the only planet with horses.’ To underline our commitment, we have decided to support the charitable organization Friends of Palm Beach with $250 for every entry in the Lövsta Future Challenge once again this season. This fine group of people clean the Palm Beach beaches from trash to support the beautiful creatures of the sea and keep our beaches clean and environmentally safe. The beauty of our ocean and the beauty of our horses align.”

Friends of Palm Beach is a 501(c)3 organization that cleans the beaches of Palm Beach regularly to remove incoming plastics, trash, and unnatural debris and to educate the community on the effects of this on our environment and marine life. They partner with other non-profit job placement programs to help end the cycle of homelessness while also helping to end the cycle of trash in our ocean.