Hem / Aktuellt / Blågult medaljregn på NM i Finland
Alice Tapper och Doge Dogelito.

Blågult medaljregn på NM i Finland

Det blev ytterligare hela sex svenska medaljer när Nordisk-Baltiska Mästerskapet i Finland avslutades på söndagen.


2 guld, 2 silvermedaljer och 2 brons blev den svenska skörden på söndagen.

I hoppning tog Alice Tapper på Dogge Dogelito seniorguldet, I YR-klassen blev det silver till Linus Herzig på Greyson PG och brons till Viktor Edvinsson på Chipsy 193. Ebba Kewenter på Nimbus säkrade silvermedaljen i juniorklassen.

Det blev svenskt seniorguld även i dressyren, Jennie Larsson på Zircoon Spring Flower vann kûren. Lina Dolk på Languedoc tog brons i U25-klassen.

- Jag red honom när han var fyra och nu är han 17 och har kommit tillbaka till mig, säger Jennie Larsson om sin häst.
- Han betyder så mycket för mig och har egentligen inga svagheter mer än att han är lite het, säger Jennie.

Pressinformation från arrangören:

Sunday morning started early with the CDI U25 freestyle Prix de NoShout. Luckily for the horses and their riders the weather in the morning was significantly cooler than on Saturday afternoon. The musical choices of the freestyle programs included some classic Disney songs and current hits. Coldplay songs have been one of the most played choices of the freestyle programs in this competition.

As anticipated Denmark continued with strong performances. Their riders took the first two places. Emma Skov with 73,295 % and Thea Bech with 72,295 %. Sweden took places three and four.

The seniors’ freestyle already raised two Finns near to medals, but the Swedish Jennie Larsson greatly improved her performance on Saturday in her freestyle. Although there was a slight scatter in the jury’s points, the personal gold had been earned.

“I have been riding Zircoon Spring Flower when he was four years old and now, when he turned 17 years old, he came back to me on january. He means so much to me! He has good piaffe and passage. He has no weaknesses, only little trick is that he is so hot!”

The Danes Sanne Svendsen and Tine Mittag took silver and bronze, the Finnish Stella Hagelstam – Sangraal was a few tenths away from the bronze.

Also, the Para Dressage riders ended their competition week with their freestyle programs. Pia Reitti, who is preparing for the Paralympic Games this year, was able to score a better result today by placing second. Denmark’s Anne Mette Hasselstrom however did not give up on her victory and won gold today. She and Oestergaardens Deleight have been performing consistently and won all three classes. The owner of the horse Oestergaardens Deleight Camilla Christensen also competed today and was able to beat the Finnish riders.

Clara Roesgaard Kristensen of Denmark did a precise and flawless job riding her horse to the Ak’s Cavalina gold medal in CSI-J. Silver was ridden by Rikke Rusberg – Gezel and Sweden’s Ebba Kewenter took the third place with a difference of 0.5 points.

The personal championship of the young riders was competed in two rounds at an obstacle height of 140 cm. There was a tight competition between Caroline Rehoff Pedersen of Denmark and Linus Herzig of Sweden. Herzig took an annoying drop at the end of the course and the gold medal of Nordic and Baltic championship of young riders was taken by Pedersen with his horse Chaccieny. Third, right on the heels of Herzig, was Viktor Edvinsson from Sweden.

The day culminated in senior’s / U25’s class which ended with a Swedish party. Alice Tapper kept the poles up with Doge Dogelito. But also for Finland, the competition ended happily with medals, when Janna Jensen and Marina Ehrnrooth won silver and bronze.


Ett guld, två lagsilver och två bronsmedaljer blev den svenska skörden på lördagen vid de Nordisk-Baltiska Mästerskapen i Finland.

Den individuella guldmedaljen tog hoppryttaren Alicia Svensson på Luxor i Childrenklassen. Ekipaget har varit felfria genom hela mästerskapet. Brons i ponnyklassen blev det för Selma Staffare på Hot Lady Carthago.

I dressyren blev det brons för junioren Louise Brantefjord på Aladin. I YR-klassen var det jämt och mindre än 0,1 procentenheter skiljde från bronset ner till Linnéa Holmgren/Qc Sir Dennis på fjärde plats och Amanda Lindholm/Rozette på femte.

Det blev också två lagsilver i dressyren, seniorer och U25. I U25-laget red Lina Dolk/Languedoc, Evelina Söderström/Latinotanz, Elin Mattsson/Beckham och Felicia Olifsson/Dan Brown.

Seniorryttare var Jessica Nordin/Donauwein, Jennie Larsson/Zircoon Spring Flower, Gunilla Byström/Vectra och Mads Hendeliowitz/Jimmie Choo Seq.

Danmark tog hem lagguldet i bägge klasserna.

Pressinformation från arrangören:

Swedish Alicia Svensson won the children's rider class in show style, as she was the only rider to complete all the rounds without fault. Second Alberte Filuca Brünning Conradsen got silver and bronze Finland’s Jone Illi.

National cat II ponies category was held in two 115 + 120 cm rounds. Again, Denmark came in strong as their two riders reached the top three. First was Denmark’s Jessica Holm Svensson with Sabrina Fair. They won clearly with a beautiful riding. The second place went to Sweden’s Nelly Lindgren with Kiara Li Z and third also came Denmark’s Malin Marie Haugaard with Teach Mor Bridgie.

Ponies cat I was won after three days of hard work by ponyrider Emma Ponsaing with Sixmile Waterblaze from Denmark. Silver was won by Oda Therese Oddsen of Norway and Swedish Selma Staffare rode the bronze.


The competition streak of the junior riders culminated in the Freestyle. The musical choice in the competition demonstrates the love towards this sport, as we could see in finnish rider’s Pinja Salmela’s freestyle performance, which lyrics started with ”I am passionate about what I do” and danish rider’s Johanne Kofod’s ending lyrics “I have a dream and I just fight for it”.

As expected, the familiar danish pair of Elisabeth Cecilie Bonefeld-Dahl and her horse Don Furioso rode to victory with a dazzling 76.965%. Bonefeld-Dahl has had a very successful streak in competitions, earning her two first places and one second. A praiseworthy achievement, especially when the pair has less than half a year of work together behind them.  “It was very wonderful to compete in Ypäjä. The competition was so well organized and finns are so helpful and friendly”, praised family Bonefeld-Dahl.

Saturday ended with two dressage competitions, Prix de Horze CDIU25 and Grand Prix. Both of them were, once again, successful for Denmark. The team of U25 took first place by rider Kathrine With Petersen (70,513 %), second was Emma Skov (68,231 %). Sweden’s team came in second. Their best result was ridden by rider Lina Dolk with Languedoc (70,820 %). Finland took third place today in this category, best score for Finnish riders from the judges went to Anna Talberg (66.949 %).

Senior’s Grand Prix CDI3* had the exact same ranking like the U25 category with Denmark taking first place, Sweden second and Finland third. Denmark’s riders were on fire, scoring the top 3 scores from the judges, Sanne Svedsen with 69,609 %, Trine Mittag with 68,804 % and Joachim Thomsen with 68,565 %. Sweden’s best score 67,565 % was given to Mads Hendeliowitz. Finland’s top rider today was Anna von Wendt scoring 67,826 % and she took fifth place with her loyal partner Denzel.

Denmark’s coach Janne Møller Thode Jensen was incredibly happy with the performance of his team, who worked great together and who’s team spirit helped them reach double gold medal today.  “Heat was challenging for the horses. Some were a little lazier than usual, others were too fresh, because they couldn’t warm up that much today.” 

The young rider freestyle dressage competition was held in an extremely hot ambience. Denmark continued with its strong performance as they took the first two medals. Cecilie Hedegaard and Silhuet won with a score of 74.370 % . Ida Kirstine Bjørn and Soegaard Ballerina scored 73.115 % and second place. Third came Anine Mørch Aas from Norway with the horse Maserati scoring 72.450 %. 

Saturday's paradressage competition was once again successful for Danish parariders. Mette Hasselstrom and Oestergaardens Deleight took the victory in category V, scoring 69,512 % from the judges.  Camilla Christensen of Denmark renewed her victory with 71,111 % before the Finnish duo and is firmly in the gold medal before Sunday's freestyle. In the Para Dressage category III Finnish rider Sanna Koskiluhta with Liptona scored 66,863 % from the judges. They were the only ones in this category.


Framgångar fortsatte på fredagen på NM i Finland. Bland annat blev det guld till de svenska young rider-laget i hoppning. Två guld, två silver och ett brons blev det svenska slutresultatet på fredagen.

Resultat nationshoppningen fredag:

Young rider nationshoppning: 1) Sverige 2,15+4+0 6,15 (Linus Herzig/Greyson PH, Viktor Edvinsson/Chipsy 193, Elsa Johansson/Kato van de Nachtegaele, Philip Svitzer/Exclusief) 2) Danmark 5,67+4+0 9,67 3) Norge 5,68+13+16 34,68 4) Finland 20,34+16+22 58,34

Junior nationshoppning: 1) Danmark 6,16+12+9 27,6 2) Sverige 19,52+0+8 27,52 (Clara Marklund/Clara 86, Ebba Kewenter/Nimbus, Josefin Torell/Sligo Lans du Rouet, Felicia Lång/Third Time Lucky) 3) Norge 15,4+0+13 28,40 4) Estland 17,36+28+24 69,36 5) Finland 24,19+28+21 73,19

CSI*1 NM seniorer: 1) Finland 2) Sverige 3) Danmark

NM-guld till Elin och Morgensterns Dakar


Elin Ullman och Morgensterns Dakar (bilden) vann finalen i kür för Ponny Kat I.

Domarprocenten slutade på 73,970. NM-silver till Laura Laustsen med Schierensess Mithril bara en tiondel efter på 73,895.

Ebba Lindholm med Untouchable II blev fyra, bara en tiondel bakom danska Signe Munch Wiberg med Noerlunds Vladimir.
Kompletta resultat 

Ponny Kat II dressyr - brons till Ronja Kardos
1) Sofia Rosenkilde, Danmark, Dot Com 75.435%, 2) Josefine Marie Kjaer Rohmann, Danmark, Traeumer 73.825%, 3) Ronja Kardos, Sverige – Brännornas Rigoletto 73.455%, 5) Ebba Bånge, Sverige, Runsås Chakira 70.490% Kompletta resultat

Pressmeddelande från arrangören fredag

Third day of NBCH2021 brought medals for Danes

Third competition day was the final day for ponies and started competition for parariders. Sweden and Denmark dominated podium places once again. Swedish dressage pony rider Elin Ullman took individual gold medal of big ponies and gold medal of small ponies went to Denmark’s Sofia Rosenkilde. Danes Anne Mette Hasselstrom and Camilla Christensen dominated paradressage classes. The Finnish team of seniors&U25 succeeded in show jumping and won gold.

On the third competition day the first classes of paradressage were ridden. The only rider of the day’s opening class for group three was finnish Sanna Koskiluhta with her mare Liptona. The pair received a score of 68.088%.
Denmark’s Anne Mette Hasselstrom - Oestergaardens Deleight was crowned the winner of group four’s Prix de Horze class. Second came finnish Jessica Kerttunen - Westside with her score of 66.833%.
"I am very happy. We made one small mistake which of course lowered our score. There were some very good moments as well and as this was our first start this year, I can only be happy. It is good to continue to the Finnish Championship competitions from here."
The day’s last class of paradressage for group five was also dominated by the Danes. Camilla Christensen with her horse Fursten rode a winning score of 70.233%.

The freestyle of category one ponies was familiarly dominated by the Swedes. Elin Ullman - Morgensterns Dakar rode to victory with a score of 73.970%. The competition for the win was unbelievably tight with less than a full point separating the first place from the fifth. Between them was a mere 0.94% difference.

Finland’s national team coach Kikko Kalliokoski was especially happy with the performance of the category two’s small ponies. Three of the team’s four riders made their own new personal bests and even though one of them had an unlucky streak, the team (Antonia Niemelä - Hunsingo's Twister 4 WPB, Amanda Prittinen - Strandagers Cherie, Mila Pietarila - Rosengårdens Night Hawk and Ada Tarvonen - Klockas Innishannon) won bronze.
Once again the dane mastered ponies categories II class. This time we got the new winner as the first timer, 12 years old Sofia Rosenkilde with her pony Dot Com. The score of 75, 432 % left yesterday’s winner Josefine Marie Kjaer Rohmann to he second place. Third was swedish Ronja Kardos, who delightly broke danish result line..

In showjumping the third day’s first team medallions were awarded to the juniors. The competition was ridden in two rounds, but already after the first one it became clear who would claim the medals. Denmark stole gold with just a 0,36 point difference separating them from second place’s Sweden. Norway became third.

CSI-Y competition was really exciting. Sweden ended up on top.
“I’m so happy for the riders, they made amazing rounds today”, Sweden’s chef’s d’Equipe Sofia Bengtberg said just before the prize giving ceremony started.

And at the end of the day, the riders from the host country succeeded in the seniors and u25 class. Finland defeated Sweden by a single point and Denmark came in third.

Lördag/söndag Nu återstår de individuella finalerna på Nordisk/Baltiska Mästerskapet. 

Dressyren börjar redan 8:00 på lördagen med final för juniorer, 11:30 är det dags young rider. Deras finaler avgörs med Kür, det fria programmet till musik.
15:00 är det dags för Grand Prix på två banor samtidigt. Den ena klassen för seniorer, den andra för U25 ryttare.
För dem avgörs helgen på söndagen med deras klasser i Grand Prix Kür.

Du kan följa dressyren via online-resultat eller på arrangörens webb-TV eller hos ClipMyHorse - se länkar i den blå rutan

För hoppryttarna blir det också finalklasser både lördag och söndag.

På lördagen rids finalerna för children och i den två ponnyklasserna.
I children-klassen delar Alicia Svensson ledningen med Alberte Filuca Brünning Conradsen med 0 fel. Nathalie Wennerhorn och Liam Nilsson skuggar med 4 fel vardera.
Selma Staffare är ensam ledare med 0 fel i för Ponny Kat 1.
Finalerna börjar 10:00, 12:20 respektive 15:15 på lördagen.
På söndagen har flera svenska ryttare chansen att plocka hem en individuell NM-medalj.
Alice Tapper leder CSI1* med 4 fel och har ett nedslags marginal till tvåan Janna Jensen, Finland.
I young rider-klassen leder Linus Herzig på 0 fel, med Viktor Edvinsson bara 0,56 fel efter.
Philip Svitzer är fyra med 5,59 fel.

Du kan följa hoppningen via online-resultat eller på arrangörens webb-TV eller hos ClipMyHorse - se länkar i den blå rutan


NM-guld till young rider-laget. Foto: Heidi Lammi

Det blev tre svenska lagguld för de svenska ungdomarna vid de Nordisk-Baltiska Mästerskapen i Finland, två i dressyr och ett i hoppning. Dessutom ett guld, ett silver och två brons. En riktigt blågul torsdag.

I dressyren fortsatte young rider-laget vara på topp med Amanda Lindholm och Rozette i topp i resultatlistan och ett guld till laget. I det svenska laget red Amanda Lindholm/Rozette, Nina Jenemark/Belisko, Maja Falk/Gilmore MC och Linnéa Holmgren/Qc Sir Dennis. 
Young rider nationstävling dressyr: 1) Sverige 420,882 2) Danmark 420,049 3) Norge 399,315

Ponnylaget kat I stod också överst på prispallen i sin lagtävling. Här red Ebba Lindholm/Untouchable II, Laura Laustsen/Schierensees Mithril, Stella Hoff/Cham pf Dance P och Elin Ullman/Morgensterns Dakar.
Ponny kat I nationstävling dressyr: 1) Sverige 429,012 2) Danmark 427,220 3) Norge 415,757

Ponny kat II nationstävling dressyr, här blev det ett silver för Sverige med Alice Kampe/Crugybar Flying Childers, Ebba Bånge/Runsås Chakira, Wilma Bornhager/Dusty och Ronja Kardos/Brännornas Rigoletto. Vann gjorde Danmark med Finland på bronsplatsen.

Juniorlaget med Louise Brantefjord/Aladin, Mary Sophie Haid Bondergaard/Adora Nightingale, Hannah Regosa/Baldi och Filippa Wallqvist/Fairy red in på en bronsplats bakom Danmark och Norge

I Children-klassen tog Juni Skobe Rosén på Darthula VH den individuella guldmedaljen.

Kompletta lagresultat dressyr

Det blågula medaljregnet och fina placeringar fortsatte på hoppsidan.

Svenska guldlaget Children. Foto: Hanna Heinonen

Children-laget tog hem nationstävlingen efter att Alicia Jönberg/Cincinnati T, Nathalie Wennerhorn/Kenneth du Petir Vivier, Liam Nilsson/Zata C och Alicia Svensson/Luxor slutade ensamma på 0 fel i nationshoppningen. Danmark två med 4 fel totalt och Norge trea med 12 fel.
Kompletta resultat 

Ponny Kat I slutade på bronsplats med 20 fel. I laget red Fanny Fridén/Kee Pearl, Tilda Sandstedt/Our Trendy Vivendi, Selma Staffare/Hot Lady Carthago och Filippa fant/Kiltartan Free Spirit. Kompletta resultat 
Selma Staffare och Hot Lady Carthago leder NM i hoppning för ponny kat I individuellt inför de avslutande finalerna.

Juniorer, young rider och seniorer rider sina nationstävlingar under fredagen.
Young rider-ryttarna Linus Herzig, Viktor Edvinsson och Philip Svitzer var etta, tvåa och femma i det första kvalet.

Alice Tapper med Doge Dogelito vann torsdagens 1,40-hoppning.

Pressmeddelande från arrangören torsdag

Denmark and Sweden shared brighest medals in today’s competitions

Second competition day offered team medals for Sweden, Denmark and Norway and worked as pronology for individuals ritten on Friday and Saturday. Hosting team Finland was left mainly on the fourth place, sometimes with just a tiny cap.


In the team competition for juniors Denmark rose to the top. Sweden was a strong second with Norway following close by as third.
Like yesterday, a familiar danish duo formed by Johanne Kofod Jensen – Frida Gold 5 and Elisabeth Cecilie Bonefeld-Dahl – Don Furioso. Johanne Kofod Jensen latter of them improved their score and won with 73.382%. Less than a full point away was Elisabeth Cecilie Bonefelf-Dahl with score of 72.745%. 
Swedish team had reason to smile as they took the victory of the big ponies team competition, with a slight difference to second place Denmark. The total score of the Swedish team was 429,012 and Denmark, which came in second, scored 427,220 points. Bronze medals were attached to the Norwegians' chest.

In the category II of ponies the Danes dominated the competition yet again. Denmark’s hopes for a repeated quadruple win were shattered by Sweden’s Ronja Kardos – Brännornas Rigoletto who placed third. To the victory rode yesterday’s fourth Josefine Marie Kjaer Rohmann – Traeumer with the score of 70,901%. Second place was awarded to Anna Teibel Raben – FS Calimero (70,180%). Denmark was crowned the winner of the team competition. Sweden placed second and Finland became third.

In the class of young riders, the Prix de Equine College were scored one over 70% result and it was the responsibility of Amanda Lindholm with her horse Rozette (70.637%). The Danes took the next two places and crowned with places five and seven the team championship with a combined result of 420,882%. The Swedes were left to silver with a result of 420,049% and Norway was third with a result of 399.315%. Just 0,1% ahead to Finland, that scored 399,215%.

As yesterday the day ended with the children's class, which was a replay from yesterday. The gold medal was won by Swedish Juni Skobe Rosén followed bu silver medalist Finnish Peppi Kokko. Broze medal went to finnish Gea Patricia Salminen.

Show jumping

The second day of competition in Ypäjä, Finland started with pony team competitions. 
Small ponies competition was won by Denmark before Sweden and Norway.
The obstacle height of the big ponies was 125 cm and the team of Norway was victorious. (Oda Therese Oddsen - Javas Alun, Thea Gunleks - Parc Cookie, Dina Nicolaysen - Electra, Rasmus Aasland - Poetics Floura and Pernille Lunde Sl Safo IV).

Swedish riders competed for the second round with a winning result in the children’s class (120 cm). The silver and bronze places had to be ridden until the third round to get the result in a tough race. Before the second round, Finland was still in the medal position, but Denmark grabbed the bronze and Norway the silver.

Prix de Krafft powered by Oranta Equus opened juniors weekend. Danish riders took once again double-win in this speed class when Line Busk Heltborg - Gaville won and Clara Roesgaard Kristensen - Ak’s Cavalina followed her. Norwegian Ingrid Sandhei Bjørklund - Arie Z took to third place.

In the junior’s class Denmark was unstoppable. Winner was Line Busk Heltborg with Gaville.

In the young rider’s Sweden and Norway shared top possitions leaving others to fight over the third place.

Seniors/U25 class offered happy moments for hosting Finns. Janna Jensen, Elena Hietanen ja Marina Ehrnrooth made clear rounds. Winner came from Sweden; Alice Tapper-Doge Dogelito.


Amanda Lindholm och Rozette. Foto: Hanna Heinonen

Nordisk-Baltiska Mästerskapen i Finland började på onsdagen med klasser för ungdomarna. Dressyrryttaren Laura Laustsen på Schierensees Mithril började på bästa möjliga sätt, med en seger i ponnyklassen.

Junioren Louise Brantefjord på Aladin var tredjeplacerad och i YR-klassen blev det dubbelt svenskt i topp, med Amanda Lindholm på Rozette och Linnéa Holmgren på Qc Sir Dennis.
- Jag kom nästan upp i personbästa och är jättenöjd, säger Amanda Lindholm.

Lagklasserna avgörs imorgon torsdag efter de individuella programmen. Onsdagens och torsdagens resultat räknas samman.

Pressmeddelande från arrangören:

Denmark dominated on opening day

Denmark opened with great stakes in dressage at the Nordic Baltic Championships held in Finland. In the juniors Elisabeth Bonefeld-Dahl – Don Furioso and Johanne Kofod Jensen – Frida Gold 5 took a double victory. Swedish Louise Brantefjord – Aladin placed third.

In the ponies (cat I) Swedish rider Laura Laustsen - Schierensees Mithril made a beautiful performance and scored 72,5%. To the second place rode Karla Marillo Skov - Steendieks Diamond de Dali and third Sondre Torp Kristiansen - Filur af Groenagergaard from Norway.

Cat II ponies national class four Danes wedged to the top: Anna Teibel Raben’s winning result was 70,238 %. Sofia Rosenkilde, Olivia Bille Jensen and Josefine Marie Kjaer Rohmann followed her getting 69 %. Ronja Kardos - Brännornas Rigoletto (69,0 %) from Sweden shared the fourth place.

In the young riders class the first two places went to Sweden. The winning result was recorded for Amanda Lindholm – Rozette (73,627 %) and the second place for team mate Linnéa Holmgren – Qc Sir Dennis. The jury placed Cecilie Hedegaard - Silhuet of Denmark to the third place.

- One little mistake in the canter, but I´m very happy! We almost beat our personal record today, Lindholm said after the prize giving ceremony.

The day ended with the children's class, which was won by Swedish Juni Skobe Rosén. Finnish Peppi Kokko placed second.

The huge Ypäjä Derby grass arena is always a special place to compete for the horses. Ponies and children opened their competition and Denmark was convincing.

In the small ponies (cat II, national class) Jessica Holm Svensson – Sabrina Fair was the only one who rode a clear round.

Danish child riders Alberte Filuca Brünning Conradsen - Miss Hope and Julie Stenmann Christensen - Birkely’s Ballarina jumped faultless tracks with only a three-tenths of a second separating them. Finnish Jone Illi - Eolita L was third in the class.

Norway celebrated in the pony class when Rasmus Aasland -  Poetics Floura and Dina Nicolaysen - Electra took a double victory. The third place went to Danish Leonora Sandberg Nielsen - Mhs Kilkenny All Star.

Nordiskt Baltiskt Mästerskap i dressyr och hoppning rids i Ypäja, Finland, 30 juni - 4 juli

Arrangören kan inte ta emot publik på grund av rådande restriktioner men hela mästerskapet kommer att gå att följa online-resultat eller webb-TV.

Landslagledarna har tagit ut trupperna till mästerskapet.

Seniorer: Marcus Westergren, Daniel Svensson, Alice Tapper, Joel Torstenson 
Young rider: Philip Svitzer, Linus Herzig, Viktor Edvinsson, Elsa Johansson, Paula Unghanse 
Juniorer: Felicia Lång, Ebba Kewenter, Clara Marklund, Josefin Torell, Annie Hjertén
Children: Carl-Hugo Westergren, Alicia Jönberg, Nathalie Wennerhorn, Liam Nilsson, Alicia Svensson
Ponny kat I: Selma Staffare, Thea Gånehed, Fanny Fridén, Filippa Fant, Tilda Sandstedt
Ponny kat II: Nathalie Wennerhorn, Smilla Gardiner, Filippa Ratovich, Victoria Jensen, Nelly Lindgren

Seniorer: Gunilla Byström, Mads Hendeliowitz, Jessica Nordin, Jennie Larsson
U25: Elin Mattsson, Lina Dolk, Evelina Söderström, Felicia Olofsson
Young Rider: Amanda Lindholm, Linnea Holmgren, Nina Jenemark, Maja Falk
Junior: Hannah Regosa, Filippa Wallqvist, Mary Sophie Haid Bondergaard, Louise Brantefjord
Children: Juni Skobe Rosén, Annie Walfridsson
Ponny Kat I: Elin Ullman, Laura Laustsen, Stella Hoff, Ebba Lindholm
Ponny Kat II: Ronja Kardos, Alice Kampe Alsin, Ebba Bånge, Wilma Bornhager

Uttagna ekipage till ungdoms-EM i dressyr

Nu är det klart vilka ekipage som representerar Sverige vid EM för young rider och juniorer i dressyr i Hartpury, Storbritannien den 26-31 juli.